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ICBC Accident Claims

In case one gets hurt during an automobile accident, one may be able to get two kinds of compensation. In British Columbia, everybody who owns a motor vehicle must purchase basic insurance cover from ICBC or in full, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. This is the money insurance pays, referred to as “accident benefits,” to those persons who get injured during a vehicle accident. The ICBC will still pay one these accident benefits even if you are the one who actually caused the accident, so long as you meet the set conditions of this specific insurance. Normally, these ICBC Accident Claims or benefits will include momentary full disability benefits, medical costs and rehabilitation benefits. The disability benefits one’s lost earnings go to a ceiling of $300 every week while one remains disabled as a result of the injuries.


In case the mishap was really not your fault or may be only to a degree your fault, you still have a right to the accident damages for your suffering and pain, gone past and possible future income/wages, potential care, sizeable out-of-pocket operating cost and other defined losses. Typically this is what is known as a Tort Claim. These damage compensations are intended to place the afflicted individual who may not have been the cause of the accident in a similar position or situation they would have been had the accident not occurred, though only as finances are concerned.


After an accident, one ought to make their ICBC Accident Claims for the accident damages/benefits to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) through a lawyer. One should report the misfortune by calling the ICBC through their Dial-A-Claim phone lines. Following your call, an adjuster from ICBC will then come to meet you. The adjuster will investigate the accident and decide who caused it. The ICBC adjuster will besides discussing your matter also appraise your medical expenses and information, so it is vital to keep all the receipts.


In case you got injured as soon as is possible, see the doctor as he is best placed to prescribe the correct treatment, for example medication or physiotherapy. Subsequently, the ICBC will consider funding the treatment cost. One has to punctually advise ICBC regarding the accident and submit a written statement or report not later than thirty days following the accident. This is what will set out the details and circumstances of the accident injuries. Several people choose to see an accident lawyer prior to contacting the ICBC who can then report the ICBC Accident Claims for you. 



For one to claim the accident damages/benefits, a fully completed accident benefits claim form must be submitted to Insurance Corporation of British Columbia inside ninety days after the occurrence of the accident. One ought to begin receiving payments shortly after that. For more information visit

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